Everything You Need To Know About Anna Delvey’s Net Worth

Anna Delvey is an enigmatic figure, who rose to fame in the media with her stunning transformation from a Russian immigrant into a New York City ‘it’ girl. But behind the glitz and glamour of her extravagant lifestyle, lurked a dark secret that would soon be revealed – Anna was not only living beyond her means, but had allegedly orchestrated multiple frauds, scams and financial manipulations for which she was later arrested and convicted. So what is Anna Delvey’s net worth?

Introduction to Anna Delvey

Born Anna Sorokin on October 30th 1991 in Russia, Anna Delvey (her adopted pseudonym) immigrated to New York at age 23. She quickly built a reputation as a savvy entrepreneur and socialite, often seen in exclusive clubs, parties and galas around Manhattan. Though her background and source of income remained murky at best, this did not stop her from indulging in expensive tastes. Her activities soon drew attention from the press, who dubbed her the “socialite scammer” or “Manhattan Madam”.

Legal Troubles & Repercussions

In 2019, Anna was arrested by the NYPD and charged with six counts of grand larceny, theft of services, attempted grand larceny and one count of falsifying business records. The charges against her ranged from stealing tens of thousands of dollars from banks and hotels to manipulating friends and associates out of their money. In April 2021, she was found guilty on all charges and sentenced to four to twelve years in prison.

Net Worth & Sources of Income

Prior to her conviction, there were various estimates regarding Anna Delvey’s net worth ranging from $20 million to nothing. This discrepancy reflects the fact that much of her finances are unknown due to her secretive nature and manipulation of those closest to her. What is known however is that Anna had no job prior to being accused of fraud, yet managed to live extravagantly, stay at luxury hotels and purchase high-end goods without paying for them. It is unclear where her funds originated from.

anna delvey net worth

Financial Dealings with Banks & Hotels

To fund her lavish lifestyle, Anna allegedly forged documents and engaged in fraudulent transactions to obtain loans from banks such as City National Bank, BNP Paribas and Silicon Valley Bank. It is believed that she also exploited certain hotel policies to use rooms for extended periods without payment. In addition, she used stolen credit cards and impersonated wealthy individuals when booking trips or shopping sprees.

Property Acquisitions & Investments

The prosecution alleged that Anna defrauded banks in order to acquire real estate investments and properties throughout New York City. These included a $7 million townhouse in Nolita and $2 million penthouse suite in Soho. Other purchases included artworks, jewelry, designer clothing and furniture, although it remains uncertain how much these items cost.

Luxury Spending Habits

While the details remain hazy, it has been widely reported that Anna spent significant amounts on entertainment such as nightclubs, restaurants and spa treatments. Furthermore, she enjoyed luxurious holidays aboard private jets and yachts belonging to other people – something which could easily have cost several hundred thousand dollars.

Manipulation of Friends & Associates

What really sets Anna apart from other alleged criminals is her ability to manipulate those close to her. Not only did she lie about having millions of dollars in bank accounts, she also convinced family members and even strangers to loan her large sums of money based on false promises.

Criminal Activity Explained

Given the wide range of allegations made against Anna Delvey, it can be difficult to grasp just how deep her criminal activity went. However, put simply; Anna manipulated banks, businesses and individuals out of hundreds of thousands of dollars using fraudulent methods such as forging documents and providing false information. She then used these illegally obtained funds to maintain her luxurious lifestyle.

Media Reports & Interviews

Since Anna’s arrest in 2018, news outlets have consistently reported on every development surrounding her case – most notably in documentaries such as Netflix’s ‘Inventing Anna’. There have also been interviews with witnesses, victims and acquaintances that provide further insight into the mysterious events leading up to her trial.


With legal proceedings now complete, it appears unlikely that we will ever know the exact amount of Anna Delvey’s net worth before her incarceration. While some sources have estimated figures of over $20 million, others have argued that she had no assets whatsoever – highlighting once again the opaqueness surrounding her true identity. Regardless of the final number though, it is clear that the “Manhattan Madam” operated well beyond her means while successfully deceiving many powerful organizations and individuals alike.

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