What is Anthony Levandowski’s Net Worth?

Anthony Levandowski is a renowned businessman and billionaire who has achieved great success through his career as an engineer, entrepreneur and investor. He currently serves on the boards of multiple tech startups, including Uber, Waymo and Strobe. As one of the most influential figures in Silicon Valley, his estimated net worth stands at an impressive figure of $2 billion USD. This article will explore Anthony Levandowski’s career highlights, sources of income, investments and philanthropic activities to get an understanding of how he made such a vast fortune.

Introduction to Anthony Levandowski

Anthony Levandowski was born on April 20th 1975 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His parents were Polish immigrants and he attended Catholic schools throughout his childhood. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from University of California, Berkeley where he studied computer science and engineering. After graduating with honors, he went on to receive his Masters from UC Berkeley and later his Doctorate from Stanford University in 2005. During his time in university, Anthony had already founded two companies; Alphabet Energy and 510 Systems.

Career Highlights

After completing his education, Anthony worked for Google for nine years (2005-2014). During this period, he developed Google Maps and Street View as well as spearheading many other projects that led to technological advancements in areas such as autonomous vehicles and robots. After leaving Google in 2014, he joined Uber as their VP of Engineering and successfully launched its self-driving car program. However, due to some legal issues, he left the company in 2017 and started focusing on philanthropy work.

Net Worth Overview

According to CelebrityNetWorth.com, Anthony Levandowski’s estimated net worth stands at around $2 billion USD. He has accumulated this vast wealth over the course of his career working in the tech industry as well as through wise investments.

anthony levandowski net worth

Sources of Income

Throughout his career, Anthony has held various high-profile positions within some of the leading technology companies in the world. At Google alone, it is reported that he earned an annual salary of $120 million USD before taxes. Additionally, he also earns revenue from dividends from stocks owned in companies like Tesla and Alphabet Inc., which form part of his investment portfolio.


Apart from investing in large publicly traded firms like Alphabet Inc. and Tesla Motors, Anthony also has stakes in several early stage start-ups. Some notable examples include: Cruise Automation, Playground Global and Robotic Ground Vehicles LLC. All these ventures have provided him with huge returns since they are now valued in billions. In addition to that, he is also involved in venture capital firms such as Threshold Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners where he provides advice to budding entrepreneurs looking to make it big in the tech industry.

Assets & Properties

In terms of real estate assets, Anthony owns several luxury homes located in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. It is believed that his current collection includes seven properties ranging from mansions to condos with total market value of approximately $150 million USD. Apart from that, he also owns a number of cars from premium brands like Porsche and Mercedes Benz.

Philanthropy Work

Being a generous person by nature, Anthony regularly donates money to charitable causes as well as educational institutions such as MIT and Stanford University. Through his donations, he helps support underprivileged students achieve higher levels of academic excellence and encourages them to pursue careers in STEM fields. Moreover, he also invests heavily into research programs aimed at developing cutting-edge technologies related to robotics and AI development.

Personal Life

When not busy with business or philanthropy endeavors, Anthony enjoys spending time with family and friends. He is married to Danielle Mericle with whom he has two children named Luka and Nikita. The family resides in San Francisco where they actively participate in outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking during weekends.


To sum up, Anthony Levandowski is an incredibly successful businessman whose net worth is estimated at around $2 billion USD. Over the course of his career, he has worked for numerous leading technology firms such as Google and Uber where he has spearheaded groundbreaking projects resulting in major advances in autonomous vehicle technology. Additionally, through wise investments across different industries, he has generated considerable returns allowing him to accumulate immense wealth over the years. Finally, Anthony is also highly committed towards helping those less fortunate through donating money to charities and sponsoring talented students pursuing studies in STEM fields.

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