Audrey Hepburn Net Worth: What You Should Know

Audrey Hepburn has been a Hollywood icon since the 1950s and is best known for her timeless style, elegance, grace and poise. She starred in some of the most classic films of all time, from Roman Holiday to Breakfast at Tiffany’s. But how much was she worth during her career? In this blog post we’ll explore Audrey Hepburn net worth and discover what made her such an iconic star.

Introduction to Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn was born in Brussels, Belgium on May 4th, 1929 as Audrey Kathleen Ruston. Her mother, Baroness Ella van Heemstra, was Dutch and her father, Joseph Victor Anthony Ruston, was British. As a young girl she trained as a ballerina and studied acting with ballet master Sonia Gaskell in Amsterdam. At the age of 16 she moved to London to pursue her career in the performing arts.

The Making of a Star

By 1951, Audrey had landed several small roles in both film and theater. However, it wasn’t until 1953 that she achieved global stardom with her breakthrough performance as Princess Ann in Roman Holiday opposite Gregory Peck. For this role she earned an Academy Award nomination and went on to win an Oscar for Best Actress. This catapulted her into the international spotlight and marked the beginning of a very successful career in Hollywood.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Before landing the starring role in Roman Holiday, Audrey had already gained notoriety for her stage performances in High Button Shoes (1950) and Gigi (1951). During this period she also appeared in minor roles in two British films: One Wild Oat (1951) and Laughter in Paradise (1952). These appearances established her reputation as an actress of note, paving the way for future success.

Breakthrough Performance – Roman Holiday (1953)

It was Audrey’s unforgettable portrayal of Princess Ann in Roman Holiday (1953) which propelled her to stardom. Directed by William Wyler, the movie earned 10 Academy Award nominations and took home three Oscars including Best Actress for Hepburn. This recognition gave her unprecedented exposure and put her firmly on the map as one of Hollywood’s brightest stars.

Peak Of Success & Iconic Roles

From here, Audrey went on to appear in some of the most iconic movies ever made. These included Sabrina (1954), Funny Face (1957), The Nun’s Story (1959) and My Fair Lady (1964). Her beauty, grace and talent quickly made her one of the most recognizable faces in the world and resulted in numerous award wins including three more Golden Globe Awards.

Awards and Accolades for Hepburn’s Work

During her illustrious career Audrey won a total of 8 awards including 2 BAFTA Awards, 3 Golden Globes, 1 Emmy and an Academy Award. To date, no other actor or actress has received as many accolades as she has – a testament to her incredible talent and lasting legacy. In addition to these prestigious honors, Audrey was also named “The Most Beautiful Woman of All Time” by Empire Magazine in 1995.

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Net Worth at Height of Her Career

At the peak of her career in 1964 Audrey Hepburn’s estimated net worth was $20 million dollars according to Forbes magazine – equivalent to around $160 million today when adjusted for inflation. This wealth enabled her to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with private planes, luxury cars and homes around the world.

Later Years and Death

After taking a break from acting due to health problems caused by malnutrition during World War II, Audrey returned to film making in 1967 but gradually reduced her workload throughout the 1970s. By 1993 she had retired from acting completely and devoted herself to humanitarian work with UNICEF. On January 20th, 1993 Audrey passed away peacefully surrounded by family after losing a battle with cancer.

Legacy of Audrey Hepburn Today

Audrey Hepburn will forever be remembered as one of the greatest actresses of all time. Not only did she have immense natural talent but she possessed an infectious joy which captured hearts worldwide. Her undeniable beauty combined with unparalleled charisma cemented her place in cinematic history and continues to inspire people everywhere to this day.


In conclusion, Audrey Hepburn was an incomparable force within Hollywood whose appeal extended far beyond film screens. Her estimated net worth during the height of her career amounted to $20 million dollars according to Forbes magazine – equivalent to approximately $160 million today when adjusted for inflation. Despite passing away almost three decades ago, Audrey’s spirit lives on through countless fans who continue to love and admire her today.

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