Carter Reum Net Worth: The Rise of a Tech Innovator

Carter Reum is an American entrepreneur, venture capitalist and philanthropist who has made a name for himself in Silicon Valley. His success story began with his entry into the tech industry in 2001 as a co-founder of Varsity Technologies, which he later sold to Yahoo! Inc. From then on, Carter’s career took off as he continued to make smart investments and build successful businesses that earned him recognition and fortune. In this article, we’ll explore what makes Carter Reum such a successful figure in the business world and learn more about his impressive net worth.

Introducing Carter Reum

Born in California in 1979, Carter Reum was always destined to be an influential businessman. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area gave him early exposure to the entrepreneurial environment and culture of Silicon Valley. After attending Stanford University, Carter pursued a career in finance, founding M8 Capital in 2010 alongside his brother Courtney. This venture capital firm focuses primarily on investments related to technology, digital media, consumer products and healthcare.

From Entrepreneur To Venture Capitalist

In 2011, Carter further expanded his reach by establishing Two Rivers Investment Management LLC along with Matt Ivester and Bill Barnwell. This investment firm provides services like asset management and private equity to help their clients achieve financial success. Today, it boasts over $1 billion under management across many different industries.

With his expertise in the fields of business, investment and finance, Carter Reum quickly became one of Silicon Valley’s leading figures. His savvy decisions and sharp eye for opportunities have led to immense growth in his wealth portfolio.

Notable Investments & Deals

Over the years, Carter Reum has made some major moves in the investment space. In 2013, he co-led an acquisition of the popular mobile app Glide, which was later acquired by Google in 2020. He also successfully invested in several startups such as Maker Studios (acquired by Disney) and Ringly (later sold to Fitbit). Recently, he served as a special advisor to Lyft during its initial public offering process in 2018.

As a result of these transactions, Reum’s estimated net worth currently stands at around $300 million.

Amassing An Impressive Net Worth

Thanks to his vast experience and knowledge of the industry, Carter Reum has been able to amass a sizable fortune over the course of his career. Along with his own venture capital fund, M8 Capital, he holds significant stakes in other companies including Coinbase, Hulu and Postmates – all of which contribute towards his net worth today.

His keen eye for investing combined with his ability to identify future trends gives him a distinct edge when it comes to managing funds. As a result, he has achieved great success in building his wealth portfolio and expanding his overall financial empire.

Leadership In The Tech Industry

Not only is Carter Reum known for his accomplishments in the business world but he is also respected for being a leader within the tech community. Through his work as both an investor and advisor, he helps empower entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and facilitates progress within the sector.

He frequently appears as a keynote speaker at various events and conferences around the world where he shares his insights on current trends in innovation and entrepreneurship. Additionally, he serves as a mentor to aspiring young professionals looking to break into the industry.

Encouraging New Ideas & Creativity

An important aspect of Carter Reum’s success lies in his unwavering commitment to fostering new ideas and creativity within the tech space. With each passing year, new technologies emerge and evolve – creating exciting opportunities for those willing to take risks and innovate. As someone who is passionate about developing innovative solutions, Carter works hard to support creative initiatives and encourage start-ups to grow through strategic investments.

Through this approach, he hopes to create greater opportunities for upcoming generations of entrepreneurs to thrive and flourish in this rapidly changing landscape.

Philanthropic Efforts & Giving Back

Carter Reum is deeply committed to giving back and making positive contributions to society. His charitable organization called “The Reum Foundation” seeks to promote access to quality education and healthcare worldwide. Over the years, the foundation has provided aid to underserved communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Furthermore, it supports numerous projects aimed at advancing science research as well as providing relief during natural disasters or emergencies.

Moreover, he believes strongly in empowering women and minority groups in order to foster greater diversity within the tech industry. He regularly participates in panel discussions and conferences dedicated to promoting equality among genders and ethnicities throughout Silicon Valley and beyond.

carter reum net worth

Tips For Aspiring Investors

Despite having accumulated so much wealth and influence, Carter Reum remains humble and grounded throughout it all. He often emphasizes the importance of remaining focused while striving for long term goals rather than simply chasing short term gains. Moreover, he stresses the need for due diligence when evaluating potential investments as well as maintaining an open mind towards new ideas that can lead to unexpected successes.

Most importantly though, Carter urges young investors not to be intimidated by any obstacles they may face on their journey towards financial independence – instead embracing them as learning experiences that can bring valuable lessons.


Carter Reum is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable figures in Silicon Valley today. His success story showcases just how far you can go if you remain driven and resilient despite any hardships that come your way. His achievements speak volumes about his ambition, insightfulness and dedication – values that are essential for anyone wishing to succeed in business or finance. Thanks to his talent for spotting lucrative deals as well as encouraging new concepts, he continues to pave the path for aspiring investors everywhere hoping to realize their dreams.

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