Dustin Johnson Net Worth: An Insight Into His Wealth

Dustin Johnson is one of the most talented and successful golfers in history. He has amassed an incredible amount of success throughout his career, winning several major tournaments as well as accumulating a massive fortune from lucrative endorsement deals and PGA Tour earnings. In this article, we will take a look at Dustin Johnson’s net worth and break down exactly how he got to where he is today.

Overview of Dustin Johnson’s Career

Dustin Johnson was born in 1984 in Columbia, South Carolina. Growing up playing both football and golf, Johnson soon became passionate about the latter and decided to focus on it full-time after high school. After turning professional in 2007, Johnson quickly established himself as one of the top players in the sport, earning his first victory in 2008 at the Turning Stone Resort Championship. Since then, Johnson has gone on to achieve many more successes, becoming one of the biggest names in the game.

Major Wins and Endorsement Deals

Throughout his illustrious career, Dustin Johnson has won 20 PGA Tour events (including three majors) and accumulated over $60 million in prize money. Additionally, Johnson also makes a substantial income from his various endorsement deals with brands such as TaylorMade, American Express, Zurich Insurance Group, Rolex, and Cadillac. His estimated total earnings from these sponsorships alone amounts to over $45 million.

Career Earnings Summary

To date, Dustin Johnson has earned a grand total of over $100 million from his time spent on the PGA Tour. This impressive figure puts him among some of the highest earners in the sport’s history. Let’s have a closer look at his earnings:

  • PGA Tour earnings – $63.8 million
  • Other tournament winnings – $7.2 million
  • Sponsorship endorsements – $45.3 million

dustin johnson net worth

Investments and Other Sources of Income

In addition to his extensive career earnings, Dustin Johnson also has other sources of income. Over the years, he has made several investments in real estate and businesses, which add another significant amount to his overall wealth. Additionally, he also receives royalty payments from video games featuring his likeness. All in all, these sources are estimated to bring in around $25 million for Johnson each year.

Conclusion: How Much Is Dustin Johnson Worth?

Thanks to his immense success on the golf course and numerous lucrative endorsement deals, Dustin Johnson currently boasts an impressive net worth of approximately $180 million dollars. With this amount of wealth, he is now considered to be one of the richest athletes in the world.

Dustin Johnson vs. Rory McIlroy: Who Has More Money?

As two of the most renowned golfers in history, many people wonder who has the larger bank account between them: Dustin Johnson or Rory McIlroy? To answer this question, we need to compare their respective net worths. According to Forbes, McIlroy’s current net worth is estimated to be slightly higher than that of Johnson at $190 million. However, due to his consistent success on tour and numerous sponsorship deals, Johnson could very easily surpass McIlroy within a few short years if he continues on his current trajectory.

Top 10 Highest Earning Golfers of All Time

Apart from Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy, there are other golfers who have achieved remarkable success in their careers and generated huge sums of money along the way. Below you can find the list of the top ten highest earning golfers of all time:
1. Tiger Woods – $1.65 billion
2. Phil Mickelson – $815 million
3. Arnold Palmer – $675 million
4. Jack Nicklaus – $500 million
5. Greg Norman – $400 million
6. Gary Player – $300 million
7. Vijay Singh – $150 million
8. Tom Watson – $125 million
9. Annika Sorenstam – $120 million
10. Dustin Johnson – $180 million

Breaking Down the Biggest Paydays of Dustin Johnson’s Career

Dustin Johnson has had plenty of big paydays throughout his golfing career so far. Here are some of the biggest ones:

  • 2019 Masters Tournament – Won a cool $2 million after finishing first at Augusta National
  • 2020 WGC Mexico Championship – Pocketed $1.82 million for coming out victorious at Club de Golf Chapultepec
  • 2015 U.S Open – Claimed a whopping $1.845 million prize when taking home the trophy at Chambers Bay Golf Course
  • 2016 World Golf Championships – Took home a sizeable paycheck of $1.53 million after emerging as champion at the Doral Golf Resort & Spa
  • 2017 Northern Trust Open – Collected a handsome sum of $1.35 million following his victory at Riviera Country Club

Facts About Dustin Johnson’s Lifestyle and Expenses

Dustin Johnson lives a luxurious lifestyle thanks to his huge net worth and abundance of riches. As such, he owns multiple properties across different countries including an oceanfront mansion located in Jupiter Island, Florida and a secluded villa situated in Barbados. He also spends large amounts on cars; purchasing models like Ferraris and Lamborghinis from time to time. Moreover, he frequently indulges in exotic holidays and hobbies such as yachting and jet skiing with his family.

Where Does Dustin Johnson Rank Among the Richest Golfers?

By virtue of his monumental achievements and vast fortunes acquired throughout his career thus far, Dustin Johnson holds a prominent spot among some of the wealthiest golfers ever known. Specifically, he currently stands at 10th place on Forbes’ list of the highest earning golfers of all time and ranks as 5th among active players right behind Rory McIlroy ($190M), Tiger Woods ($1.65B), Phil Mickelson ($815M) and Jordan Spieth ($100M).


All things considered, Dustin Johnson is undoubtedly one of the greatest golfers of all time and one of the wealthiest athletes alive today too. His amazing performances on the course coupled with profitable endorsements and other business ventures have helped him accumulate an impressive net worth of almost $180 million so far in life. From hereon out, only time will tell what else Johnson is capable of achieving going forward into the future!

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