Eva Peron Net Worth: What You Need to Know

When it comes to influential people who have made an impact in politics and culture, Eva Peron stands out. From humble beginnings in Argentina to becoming the most powerful woman in South America at the time of her death, she left a legacy that continues to influence many generations today. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at Eva Peron’s net worth and explore how she achieved such financial success during her lifetime. We’ll also discuss the political achievements that helped solidify her place in history, as well as her lasting impact on Argentine politics.

eva peron net worth

Introduction to Eva Peron

Eva Duarte de Perón was born in 1919 in Los Toldos, Argentina. Her father, Juan Duarte, abandoned the family when she was very young, leaving her mother to support Eva and her two siblings with only their meager earnings from farming. Despite these hardships, Eva persevered and moved to Buenos Aires at the age of 15 to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress. After several years of struggling financially, she finally landed a role in radio soap operas and eventually began appearing in films. She gained considerable fame for her roles in various movies, which catapulted her into the public eye.

Early Years of Eva Peron

In 1944, Eva met Colonel Juan Domingo Perón, then-Secretary of War for Argentina. The couple soon married and had a daughter named María Estela (“Isabel”) three years later. During their marriage, Juan and Eva would go on to become one of the most influential power couples in Latin American history. At this point, Eva’s career shifted from acting to politics and activism. As part of her husband’s presidential campaign, she became his personal campaigner, travelling around the country rallying support for him among voters.

Rise to Fame of Eva Peron

Thanks to Eva’s campaigning efforts, Juan was elected president of Argentina in 1946. This marked the beginning of what would be a remarkable rise to power for Eva. During her tenure as First Lady, she established numerous charities and foundations to help improve the lives of the working class. She is particularly remembered for founding “The Foundation of Social Welfare” (FAS), which provided healthcare, housing assistance and education services to thousands of people in need.

Work During Her Time in Office

Eva also championed women’s rights during her time in office and was instrumental in passing a law granting women the right to vote. She gave speeches across the nation advocating for equal rights and opportunity for all citizens, regardless of gender or social status. Additionally, she was responsible for establishing numerous orphanages and hospitals throughout the country and traveled extensively to promote her initiatives abroad.

Political Career Highlights

During her six years as First Lady of Argentina, Eva received numerous honors and awards for her work. She was bestowed with titles such as “Spiritual Leader of the Nation” and “Most Beloved Woman of Argentina”. These accolades helped further boost her popularity among the people and cemented her place in history as one of the most powerful female figures of the 20th century.

Assets Owned by Eva Peron

At the time of her death in 1952, Eva had amassed quite a fortune through investments, real estate holdings and other business interests. It is estimated that she owned over 40 properties including villas, apartments and farms located throughout Argentina. She also owned stocks in several companies and possessed jewelry collections valued at millions of dollars.

Estimated Net Worth at Death

At the time of her death, Eva Peron’s net worth has been estimated to be between $500 million and $2 billion USD – making her one of the wealthiest individuals in modern history.

Legacy of Eva Peron

Despite her untimely death at just 33 years old, Eva left behind an impressive legacy that remains relevant today. To this day, Argentinians still refer to her fondly as “Evita”, a sign of respect and admiration for all she accomplished during her lifetime. Moreover, her humanitarian efforts and fight for equal rights continue to inspire many people around the world.

Impact on Argentine Politics

The impact of Evita’s political career can still be felt throughout Argentina today. The Women’s National Council that she founded continues to champion women’s issues and strive towards equality between genders. Furthermore, President Juan Perón’s policy reforms during his terms were largely shaped by Evita’s vision and beliefs. Ultimately, it is fair to say that without Evita’s tireless dedication to improving the lives of those less fortunate, Argentine society would not be where it is today.


Through hard work and determination, Eva Peron rose from poverty to become one of the most influential women of the 20th century. By taking advantage of opportunities presented to her, she managed to accumulate immense wealth throughout her lifetime. Even after her death, Evita continues to leave an indelible mark on Argentine politics with her countless contributions to society and advocacy for equal rights for all citizens.

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