Iggy Azalea Net Worth: A Look at the Wealth of an Icon

Iggy Azalea is one of the most successful female rappers in recent years. She has achieved a great deal of success in her career, both commercially and critically. In this article, we take a look at Iggy’s net worth, including all of her assets, income sources, investments and more. We also provide some interesting facts about her wealth that you may not know. So let’s dive in!

Background on Iggy Azalea

Amethyst Amelia Kelly, better known by her stage name Iggy Azalea, was born June 7th 1990 in Mullumbimby, Australia. Her family moved to Miami when she was 16 where she started her rap career. After releasing multiple mixtapes between 2009-11, she released her debut studio album ‘The New Classic’ in 2014. The record went platinum and was met with critical acclaim. Since then, she has released two other albums – ‘Digital Distortion’ (2017) and ‘In My Defense’ (2019).

Accolades and Achievements

Throughout her career, Iggy has won numerous awards, such as Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at the BET Awards 2015, Songwriter of the Year at the ASCAP Pop Music Awards 2016, International Breakthrough Act at the BBC Music Awards 2017, Best Pop/R&B Collaboration at the iHeartRadio Music Awards 2019 and many more.

Breakdown of Assets

Iggy owns several luxury cars, like a Mercedes Benz G Wagon, Audi R8 and Range Rover Sport. She has also been spotted wearing designer clothes and jewelry from high-end brands like Gucci, Chanel and Balenciaga. Additionally, she recently purchased a $7 million Beverly Hills mansion in California.

Iggy’s Earnings From Music Sales

According to estimates, Iggy earned around $6 million from sales of her three albums. Her first album ‘The New Classic’ sold over 2 million copies worldwide and went double Platinum in Canada and Gold in the UK. Her second album ‘Digital Distortion’ was certified Gold in the US and Germany. And finally, her third album ‘In My Defense’ debuted at No. 25 on Billboard 200 chart and sold over 500k copies worldwide.

Revenue From Touring and Concerts

Since 2014, Iggy has embarked on four world tours across five continents performing shows in arenas and festivals around the world. During these tours, she earned around $15 million from ticket sales alone. She has performed alongside top artists like T.I., Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora and Juicy J among others.

iggy azalea net worth

Income From Brand Deals and Endorsements

Iggy has landed lucrative deals with big companies throughout her career, such as MAC Cosmetics, Nike, HP and Beats Electronics. According to reports, she made around $3 million from brand endorsements alone.

Real Estate Holdings

As mentioned above, Iggy recently bought a $7 million Beverly Hills mansion in 2020. Before that, she had already owned several properties around the world, including a luxurious house near Sydney Harbor and another home in Hollywood Hills which she reportedly sold for $2 million in 2018.

Net Worth Summary

When taking into account all of Iggy’s assets, earnings from music sales and touring, income from endorsements and real estate holdings, her estimated net worth stands at approximately $23 million.

Interesting Facts About Iggy’s Wealth

  1. Iggy has invested heavily in cryptocurrencies since 2017 and is said to have made significant gains since then.
  2. Iggy has supported several charities throughout her career and donated money to organizations like Project Angel Food and Feeding America.
  3. Aside from music, she has ventured into other businesses such as fashion apparel and beauty products under her company called KillNSoft LLC.


Iggy Azalea is an incredible artist who has accomplished a lot in her career so far. With an impressive net worth of $23 million, it is clear that she is doing very well financially. Whether it be through her music sales or brand partnerships, Iggy continues to make smart financial decisions and is building an empire for herself along the way.

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