Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Net Worth: The Fascinating Story Behind the Iconic First Lady

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was a beloved American First Lady, and an iconic figure of the 20th century. Though she is most famous for her status as the wife of President John F. Kennedy, there’s much more to this incredible woman than that. In this post, we’ll be exploring Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis net worth: from her early life and education, to her career accomplishments, personal relationships, and finally, to her wealth profile and philanthropic efforts. Let’s begin!

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Net Worth

Early Life & Education

Jacqueline Bouvier was born in Southampton, New York on July 28th, 1929 into a wealthy family. She attended Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY before transferring to George Washington University in Washington DC. It was here that she developed a passion for history and politics, which would later influence her role as First Lady. After college, Jackie worked as an editor at Doubleday Books and then as an “inquiring photographer” for the Washington Times-Herald newspaper.

Career & Accomplishments

In 1953, Jackie married John F. Kennedy, then a Senator from Massachusetts. During his presidency, she played an integral part in revitalizing the White House and restoring it to its former glory. Her efforts earned her immense respect both domestically and internationally. She also served as a goodwill ambassador abroad and championed causes such as civil rights and poverty relief.

Personal Life & Relationships

After JFK’s assassination in 1963, Jackie became something of a celebrity icon – with magazines publishing pictures of her wearing oversized sunglasses and riding horseback in Central Park. In 1968, she married Aristotle Onassis, a wealthy Greek shipping magnate, but eventually divorced him six years later.

Legacy & Popular Culture Impact

Throughout the decades following JFK’s death, Jackie continued to remain one of America’s most iconic figures – celebrated not only for her fashion sense, but also for her courage during some of the country’s darkest moments. Her legacy continues to be seen today through the countless books, films, TV shows, and other works of art inspired by her story.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ Wealth Profile

Thanks to her family’s wealth and her own business acumen, Jackie amassed quite a fortune over the course of her lifetime. At the time of her death in 1994, it was estimated that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis had a total net worth of around $50 million USD.

Income Sources & Assets Overview

The majority of Jackie’s income came from investments made by herself or inherited from her family. These included stocks, bonds, and real estate holdings throughout the US and Europe. She also received additional funds from several books she authored or co-authored throughout her life (most notably The White House Years).

Real Estate Portfolio

Real estate proved to be another important source of income for Jackie. Some of her notable properties included a Fifth Avenue penthouse in Manhattan; Martha’s Vineyard summer retreat; and historic property known as Red Gate Farm located in McLean, Virginia.

Philanthropic Efforts

Jackie was a noted philanthropist who donated generously to many charities throughout her lifetime. Of particular note were the donations she gave to restore cultural sites across Europe, including those affected by WWII bombings. Additionally, she established the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation which seeks to preserve and celebrate the legacy of JFK and ensure his accomplishments are never forgotten.


From her privileged upbringing to her illustrious career as First Lady to becoming a major philanthropist – Jackie Kennedy Onassis will forever remain an iconic figure of the twentieth century whose impact can still be felt today. So, what do you think about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis net worth? Do you have any interesting facts to share? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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