Everything You Need to Know About Jay Cutler’s Net Worth

When it comes to sports, there are few athletes as recognizable as former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler. After a successful career in the National Football League (NFL), Cutler is now focusing on life after football and has established himself as an entrepreneur with numerous business ventures, investments, and endorsements. In this post, we will take a look at Cutler’s net worth, his sources of income, investments, and retirement plans. We’ll also explore his philanthropic efforts, family financial security, future endeavors, and investment strategies.

Jay Cutler’s Early Career

Jay Cutler was born in Santa Claus, Indiana and attended Vanderbilt University where he played college football for four seasons. He finished his collegiate career by winning the SEC Championship game in 2005. His success in college earned him recognition from scouts and he was drafted 11th overall in the 2006 NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos.

During his professional football career, Cutler had stints with three different teams – the Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears, and Miami Dolphins. During his 13-year long career, he made over $127 million in salary alone and racked up over 36,000 passing yards.

Sources of Income

Jay Cutler retired from the NFL after the 2017 season and since then has built an impressive portfolio that includes multiple streams of income. The majority of his wealth still comes from his football career but today he earns money through investments, real estate deals, sponsorships, and endorsement contracts.

Real Estate Investments

Since retiring from football, Cutler has invested in multiple real estate projects. He owns several rental properties including a condo in Nashville Tennessee and a beachfront house in San Diego California. He also owns commercial buildings which have become a significant source of passive income for him.

Endorsement Deals & Sponsorships

Cutler has secured lucrative endorsement deals with companies such as McDonald’s, Nike, Gatorade, Fox Sports Radio, and Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company. He often appears in commercials for these companies and receives payouts for appearing on talk shows or attending events.

His Retirement Plans

Even though Cutler isn’t playing football anymore, he still works hard to make sure his family is financially secure. Since leaving the NFL, he has set up two entities to help manage his assets and further grow his wealth – Cutting Edge Ventures LLC and Maysa Media Group LLC. With these entities, he can control his financial goals while being able to maintain control of his day-to-day schedule and pursue other interests.

Philanthropy Efforts

Cutler has a big heart when it comes to giving back to those less fortunate than him. Over the years, he has given generously to charities like KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) and Feeding America. Additionally, he founded the Jay Cutler Foundation which helps underprivileged children and families in need of support services.

Cutting Edge Ventures LLC

In 2018, Jay Cutler founded Cutting Edge Ventures LLC, an entertainment company focused on investing in music and film projects. Through this venture capital firm, he has been able to invest in early stage startups while building relationships with industry professionals who could provide insight into new opportunities.

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Family Financial Security

Cutler always makes sure that his family is taken care of before thinking about himself. Before getting into real estate investments and starting businesses outside of football, he started by setting up trusts for each of his kids so that their future would be secure no matter what happened to him or his wife Kristin Cavallari.

Future Endeavors & Investment Strategies

Going forward, Cutler plans to continue investing in both traditional investments like stocks and bonds as well as real estate ventures. Additionally, he hopes to leverage his brand power by signing more sponsorship deals and exploring entrepreneurial opportunities within the entertainment industry.


Jay Cutler has done an excellent job transitioning out of the NFL and setting himself up for success. With multiple sources of income, thoughtful investments, smart financial planning, and a strong focus on giving back to those in need, Cutler continues to build upon the legacy he left behind during his time as an athlete.

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