What Is the Value of Justin Verlander’s Net Worth?

Justin Verlander is an American professional baseball player who currently plays for the Houston Astros in Major League Baseball (MLB). He has had a successful career as one of the most well-known and respected players in the league, winning multiple awards throughout his time in MLB. But what exactly is Justin Verlander’s net worth?

In this post, we will be looking at the earnings that Verlander has made throughout his years in MLB, how much he makes from endorsement deals, real estate assets owned by him, spending habits and charitable donations, investments he has made and his future financial prospects. We will also compare his wealth with other top MLB players.

justin verlander net worth

Verlander’s Earnings Throughout His MLB Career

Verlander began playing for the Detroit Tigers in 2005 after being drafted number two overall out of Old Dominion University. Since then, he has gone on to become one of the most prolific pitchers in baseball history. As of 2021, he has earned over $204 million dollars in salary alone. This puts him ahead of several star players like Clayton Kershaw ($200M), Max Scherzer ($198M) and Felix Hernandez ($177M).

When it comes to bonuses, Verlander has been paid more than any other pitcher in the history of MLB. In 2018, he signed a five year extension with the Houston Astros which was worth a whopping $66 million dollars in bonus money alone. Other significant bonuses include the 2009 Cy Young Award bonus of $1 million dollars, 2011 All Star Game MVP bonus of $250000 and 2013 World Series bonus of $750000.

Breakdown of Justin Verlander’s Salary

Throughout his long tenure with the Detroit Tigers and Houston Astros, Justin Verlander has enjoyed a very lucrative salary. During his 15 seasons in the majors, his yearly salary averaged around $20 million dollars per season. His highest single season salary came during the 2019 season when he was earning an eye-watering $33 million dollars.

This does not include any performance based incentives or signing bonuses that may have been negotiated into his contract. For example, if Verlander were to win a third Cy Young award, he would receive an additional bonus payment of $500000 as stated in his contract with the Astros.

Income from Endorsement Deals

In addition to his salary and bonuses from MLB, Justin Verlander has also earned a considerable amount of money through various endorsement deals over the course of his career. According to Forbes, he has earned over $13 million dollars through endorsements since 2006. His current sponsorship deals include companies such as Rawlings, Coca Cola, Under Armour and many others.

Net Worth Comparisons with Other Baseball Players

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Justin Verlander is estimated to be worth around $90 million dollars as of 2021. This puts him behind some of the highest earners in the sport like Alex Rodriguez ($350 million) and Derek Jeter ($185 million). However, it should be noted that his net worth is likely to increase significantly once his current contract expires in 2022 due to potential bonuses and further endorsements deals.

Real Estate Assets Owned By Justin Verlander

Verlander owns several luxurious properties all across the United States. Most notably, he purchased a Mediterranean-style mansion located near Lake Austin in Texas for $8 million dollars in 2016. The property includes six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, three guest houses and a private lakefront dock for fishing and boating. Additionally, he owns homes in California and Michigan as well as a penthouse apartment in Manhattan.

Spending Habits And Charitable Donations Of Justin Verlander

Despite having an impressive net worth, Verlander still lives modestly and spends his money wisely. Unlike other high profile athletes, there are no reports of him splurging on expensive cars or jewelry. Instead, he chooses to invest in real estate and donate generously to various charities. According to records, he has donated over $2 million dollars to organizations related to animal welfare and veterans’ assistance.

Notable Investments Made By Justin Verlander

Aside from donating money to charity, Verlander is also known to be an astute investor. According to sources close to him, he has invested heavily in various start-ups as well as mutual funds and stocks. One of his most notable investments is believed to be in a video game development company called Subverse Games which raised over $3 million dollars in its initial funding round.

Future Financial Prospects For Justin Verlander

At age 37, Justin Verlander shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With his current contract set to expire next year, it is likely that he will sign another big deal that could potentially make him even richer. Furthermore, given his previous success with endorsement deals and investments, it seems likely that he will continue making smart decisions when it comes to his finances moving forward.


To sum up, Justin Verlander’s net worth stands at approximately $90 million dollars as of 2021 and consists mainly of income generated from salaries, bonuses and endorsement deals. It is expected that this number will rise significantly once his current contract expires in 2022 due to potential new deals and investments. Finally, it can be said that despite his great fortune, he still lives relatively modestly while giving back generously to causes he believes in.

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