From Nobody to Somebody – The Journey of Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is an Australian actress and producer best known for her breakout role as Harley Quinn in the hit movie Suicide Squad, as well as her acclaimed performance in I, Tonya. From early life to now, Margot has shown she is a force to be reckoned with both on-screen and off. Her inspiring story starts from humble beginnings in Australia and ends with Hollywood success, making her one of the most recognizable actors today. In this blog post, we will explore Margot’s early life and childhood, her breakout role as Harley Quinn, acclaimed performance in I, Tonya, award nominations, producing projects under LuckyChap Entertainment, personal relationships, philanthropic efforts, fashion style and brand endorsements, future plans and goals, summary and reflection.

Early Life and Childhood of Margot Robbie

Born July 2nd, 1990 in Dalby, Queensland, Australia to parents Doug Robbie and Sarie Kessler, Margot Robbie spent much of her childhood outdoors riding horses on her family’s farm. She began studying drama at age 17 and soon after moved to Melbourne to pursue acting full time. With ambition driving her forward, she started landing roles in various television shows such as Neighbours and Pan Am before moving to Los Angeles in 2011.

Breakout Role as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

In 2016, Margot starred as fan favorite character Harley Quinn in the box office smash Suicide Squad alongside Will Smith and Jared Leto. The film grossed over $746 million worldwide and was the 10th highest grossing movie of all time when released. It also made Margot a household name and earned her multiple awards including MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Actress. This was followed by roles in films like Goodbye Christopher Robin, Terminal and Mary Queen of Scots.

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Acclaimed Performance in I, Tonya

Margot’s next big break came in 2017 with I, Tonya where she played real life figure skater Tonya Harding. Her transformation into the troubled athlete garnered critical acclaim and won her multiple accolades including Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. For her work in this film, she also won National Board of Review Award for Best Actress and BAFTA Rising Star Award among others.

Award Nominations

Throughout her career so far, Margot has been nominated for various awards like Golden Globe Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards. She has even received praise from esteemed critic Roger Ebert who called her “the soul of [I,Tonya]”.

Producer Projects Under LuckyChap Entertainment

Alongside being an actor, Margot is also a successful producer. Through her production company LuckyChap Entertainment, she has produced films like Terminal, Dreamland and Promising Young Woman which was recently awarded Best Film by British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA).

Personal Relationships

Though it’s easy to get caught up in her professional successes, Margot still finds time for personal relationships. She is currently married to Tom Ackerley whom she met while filming Suite Francais in 2013. They tied the knot two years later and are often seen together out and about in LA.

Philanthropic Efforts

As if she wasn’t busy enough with acting and producing duties, Margot is also a huge advocate for various charities. She recently donated a large sum to Wildlife Warriors Worldwide whose mission is to protect endangered wildlife through science-based conservation initiatives. She also supports UN Women; an organization that works towards empowering women around the world.

Fashion Style and Brand Endorsements

Outside of Hollywood, Margot enjoys playing dress up and often makes daring fashion statements on red carpets or special occasions. On top of that, she is also the face of brands like Calvin Klein underwear and Chanel No 5 fragrance campaigns.

Future Plans and Goals

It seems there is no stopping Margot Robbie anytime soon. After appearing in upcoming Quentin Tarantino film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood this summer and starrer Birds Of Prey scheduled for 2020 release, she has already begun working on an adaptation of female superhero comic book series DC Gotham City Sirens starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone.

Summary and Reflection

Since starting her journey as an actor in 2007, Margot Robbie has accomplished more than most people can imagine. But what sets her apart is not just talent or luck but sheer determination which continues to take her further each day. From winning prestigious awards to establishing herself as one of the biggest stars today, Margot has truly come a long way since those early days Down Under. There is no doubt that we will be seeing many more outstanding performances from this remarkable woman for years to come!

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