Marla Maples Net Worth: A Look into Her Wealth

Marla Maples is an American actress, businesswoman and television personality who has gained a lot of fame and success in the past few decades. She is best known for her marriage to US President Donald Trump and her career as a TV host, presenter and model. But how much wealth does Marla Maples have? In this blog post, we will explore Marla Maples’ net worth, income sources, investments and lifestyle.

Overview of Marla Maples’ Career

Maples started her professional career as an actress in 1988 with a role in Maximum Overdrive, directed by Stephen King. Later, she had roles in films such as The Sixth Man (1997) and Executive Decision (1996). As a model, Maples appeared on the cover of many magazines like Playboy, GQ and Vogue. Additionally, she has been featured in several TV shows and commercials, including Dancing With The Stars (2016), Designing Women (1991-1992) and All My Children (1990). She was also the co-host of the game show Spin Crowd in 2011.

Business Ventures of Marla Maples

Apart from her acting career, Maples also pursued business ventures. Her first venture was when she opened a beauty salon in Los Angeles called Glowy Zoey in 2002. Then in 2007, she launched another business – an online fashion store called TZ Enterprises LLC. Later, she became part of a jewelry design company called Kallati which sells diamond necklaces, earrings and other pieces of jewelry. Recently, she released a self-help book entitled “My Life at 50: A Spiritual Memoir” where she talks about lessons learned during her life journey.

Investments of Marla Maples

In addition to her businesses, Maples has made several wise investments over the years. She purchased a $2 million condominium in Santa Monica in 2009, which she later sold for $3.8 million. She also bought a duplex apartment building in Palm Beach County in 2010 which was valued at around $1 million. Other than these real estate investments, Maples is also invested in stocks and mutual funds that generate passive income.

Income Sources of Marla Maples

Maples makes most of her money through her acting and hosting gigs, but some of her other sources of income include royalties from her books and products sales from TZ Enterprises LLC. According to reports, Maples earned around $200,000 per episode when she hosted Spin Crowd in 2011. Additionally, she gets payments from her appearances on reality TV shows and talk shows.

Real Estate Holdings of Marla Maples

Maples currently owns two homes – one in New York City and the other in Los Angeles. Her NYC home is located near Central Park and is estimated to be worth around $4 million. On the other hand, her LA home is situated in Beverly Hills and is valued at more than $2 million. Apart from these properties, she also owns several investment properties scattered across the United States.

Lifestyle of Marla Maples

As expected of someone with such wealth, Maples enjoys living a luxurious lifestyle. She often vacations in exotic destinations such as Costa Rica, Mexico and Europe. Besides traveling, she also loves indulging herself in high-end retail therapy sessions. Reportedly, she likes to shop at Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Cartier stores. Additionally, she reportedly splurges on expensive cars every now and then.

Recent Endeavors of Marla Maples

Recently, Maples launched an initiative called Feel Good Leadership Foundation where she helps people get connected with their true selves through workshops and retreats. She recently completed her first yoga teacher training course as well so that she can share the gift of yoga with others. Apart from these projects, she has been busy appearing on various television shows and promoting her products/services via social media platforms.

marla maples net worth

Estimated Net Worth of Marla Maples

According to CelebrityNetWorth website, Marla Maples’ estimated net worth is approximately $20 million dollars as of 2021. This figure includes all her income sources, investments and real estate holdings. Reports suggest that majority of her fortune comes from real estate deals while some comes from book royalties and product sales.

Comparison with Other Celebrities’ Wealth

Compared to other celebrities like Brad Pitt ($300 million) or Tom Cruise ($570 million), Marla Maples’ net worth is quite small but still impressive given the fact that she did not start out wealthy. Most of her wealth came through hard work, smart investing and savvy business moves throughout her career.


In conclusion, it is clear that Marla Maples has come a long way since starting out as an actress in 1988. She has achieved great success both professionally and financially due to her talent and entrepreneurial spirit. Although her estimated net worth may not be as large as some other Hollywood stars’, she has certainly amassed a substantial fortune over the years which speaks volumes about her dedication and discipline towards achieving financial freedom.

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