Neil Armstrong: A Look Into His Net Worth

When it comes to famous people, none have had a more significant impact on the history of mankind than Neil Armstrong. From being the first man on the moon to becoming an astronaut and ultimately leading the space race, he was an inspiration to generations. Let’s take a closer look at his background information, career accomplishments, influence on history, endorsements & investments, charitable contributions, and current net worth.


Neil Armstrong is one of the most iconic figures in human history and his place as the first person ever to walk on the moon will never be forgotten. He served with distinction as an astronaut during the historic space race that saw the United States reach new heights and become the leader of technological innovation for decades to come. His remarkable achievements are a testament to his hard work and dedication, not only to exploration but also to bettering humanity through his charity work. In this post, we’ll explore the impressive life of Neil Armstrong and learn what his net worth currently stands at.

Background Information

Neil Alden Armstrong was born on August 5th 1930 in Wapakoneta, Ohio. After attending college at Purdue University where he studied aeronautical engineering, he joined the US Navy in 1949 as a naval aviator. During the Korean War, he flew 78 combat missions and earned several medals for his service. Following this tour of duty, he returned to civilian life and completed his degree from Purdue before joining the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 1962.

Career & Accomplishments

Armstrong quickly rose through the ranks of NASA and soon became commander of Apollo 11, which would make him the first person to ever set foot on the moon. On July 20th 1969, Armstrong made history when he stepped onto lunar soil and famously declared “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” This momentous occasion has been celebrated around the world every year since and serves as a reminder of our ability to push boundaries. Aside from walking on the moon, Armstrong also piloted Gemini 8 during its first successful docking between two spacecrafts and participated in numerous other experiments during his time at NASA.

Influence On History

It’s impossible to overstate how much Neil Armstrong’s mission has changed our perspective on space exploration and the possibilities that lie beyond Earth’s atmosphere. His actions inspired future generations of astronauts who followed in his footsteps and were crucial to furthering our understanding of science and technology. The legacy of Neil Armstrong lives on today in all aspects of science education, research, and industry throughout the world.

Neil Armstrong Net Worth

Endorsements & Investments

Due to his celebrity status, Armstrong received a great number of endorsement deals over the years including TV commercials, books, speaking engagements, and other forms of publicity. He was even featured in the popular game “Lunar Lander” which allowed players to simulate the experience of walking on the moon. Additionally, Armstrong invested wisely throughout his lifetime amassing a sizable fortune through stock market trades, real estate purchases, and other lucrative investments.

Charitable Contributions

Armstrong was also well known for his philanthropy and generously donated large sums of money to various charities throughout his life. Some notable organizations he supported included the United Negro College Fund, Save the Children International, Operation Smile, and countless others.

Current Net Worth

At the time of his death in 2012 at age 82, Neil Armstrong’s net worth was estimated to be around $12 million dollars. Though this might seem like a modest amount compared to some modern day celebrities, it is still quite impressive given his humble beginnings and limited access to financial resources during his lifetime.


In conclusion, Neil Armstrong is an icon whose place in history cannot be overstated. Through his courageous deeds, leadership in the space race, business savvy investments, and generous donations to charity, he amassed a considerable fortune while inspiring generations of scientists and dreamers alike. It is no wonder why he remains such an important figure in modern culture – he was truly one of a kind!

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