Raven Symone Net Worth: Learn How Much She’s Made

It’s no surprise that the actress, singer and producer Raven Symone has built an impressive net worth throughout her career in show business. For over three decades now, she has been captivating audiences with her endearing performances in both television shows and films as well as her singing prowess. In this post we will look at how much money Raven Symone has made, what investments she has made, endorsement deals she is a part of, philanthropic endeavors undertaken by her and real estate properties owned by her. Let us take a closer look into Raven Symone’s net worth.

Introduction to Raven Symone’s Career and Success

Raven Symone started her acting career when she was only 3 years old in commercials. Her big break came when she was cast as Olivia on “The Cosby Show”. From there, Raven gained immense popularity for playing various characters in hit TV shows like “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper”, “That’s So Raven” and “The Cheetah Girls”. She also starred in several movies such as “Dr Dolittle 1&2”, “College Road Trip”, “Revenge of the Bridesmaids” and “Black-ish”.

TV Shows Starring Raven Symone

Throughout her career, Raven Symone has had starring roles in many popular television series. Some of the notable ones include:

“Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper”:
This sitcom ran from 1992–1997 where Raven played Nicole Lee, one of the main characters.

“That’s So Raven”:
One of her most memorable roles was playing lead character Raven Baxter on this Disney Channel show which aired from 2003-2007.

“The Cheetah Girls”:
This popular Disney movie featured Raven Symone as Galleria Garibaldi and its success spawned two sequels.

Movies Featuring Raven Symone

Aside from television shows, Raven Symone has also appeared in a number of successful movies. Notable titles include:

“Doctor Dolittle 1 & 2”:
She co-starred alongside Eddie Murphy in these live action/animated comedy movies which were released in 1998 and 2001 respectively.

“College Road Trip”:
This family comedy film saw Raven portraying a young student going on a college tour across America with her father (played by Martin Lawrence).

“Revenge Of The Bridesmaids”:
This romantic comedy featured Raven Symone and Joanna Garcia Swisher as two friends who set out to get revenge on their ex-boyfriends.

This hit ABC show stars Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross as parents raising their children in a predominantly white neighborhood while facing generational divides between them and their kids. Raven plays Rhonda Johnson in this Emmy award winning show.

Raven Symone Net Worth

Raven Symone as a Musician and Performer

In addition to acting, Raven Symone is also a singer and performer. She released her debut album “Here’s To New Dreams” in 1993 when she was just eight years old. Later on, she became a part of the R&B group “The Cheetah Girls” which recorded albums like “TCG” and “TCG2 Soundtrack”. Her latest music project was released in 2015 titled “Brilliance”. As for performing, she has headlined concerts around the world and often appears on talk shows such as Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Investments Made by Raven Symone

Throughout her career, Raven has been very savvy about making wise investments in order to secure her financial future. These investments have included stocks, bonds and other assets such as businesses and property. In 2014, it was reported that she invested $5 million dollars into a new startup venture called Awestruck which produces original programming targeted towards millennial mothers. In 2017, she purchased shares in Tesla Motors Inc., indicating that she believes strongly in the potential of electric vehicles.

Endorsement Deals for Raven Symone

Besides acting and investing, Raven has also capitalized on lucrative endorsement deals with major brands like McDonalds and Pillsbury Dough Boy. These deals have allowed her to increase her earnings significantly without having to appear or perform publicly.

Real Estate Properties Owned by Raven Symone

When it comes to real estate properties, Raven owns multiple homes located all over the country including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta and New York City. She is believed to be worth millions of dollars due to the appreciation of these properties alone.

Philanthropic Endeavors Undertaken by Raven Symone

Apart from making money through acting, music and investments, Raven is also passionate about giving back to society. She regularly donates to charitable causes related to education, health care and social justice initiatives. Most notably, she donated $10 thousand dollars to help victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas back in 2017. Additionally, she serves on the board of directors for non-profit organizations such as Step Up Women’s Network and World Wildlife Fund.

Summary of Raven Symone’s Net Worth

With all the income sources mentioned above combined with her various investments and real estate holdings, Raven Symone is estimated to have accumulated a net worth of approximately $60 million dollars according to celebritynetworth.com.


Overall, it can be said that despite being only 34 years old, Raven Symone has already achieved remarkable success both professionally and financially. With hard work, dedication and smart investments, she has managed to build an impressive fortune for herself and hopefully continue amassing wealth in the coming years.

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