Shoaib Akhtar Wife – A Tale of Love and Devotion

The relationship between Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhtar and his wife, Rubab Khan is a tale of love and devotion that is truly inspiring. This post will give an overview of their story and how they were able to make it work despite facing some major pre-marriage challenges. It will also highlight the support Rubab provided for her husband’s career and other interesting facts about this couple’s relationship.

Introduction To Shoaib Akhtar And His Career

Shoaib Akhtar is one of Pakistan’s most iconic fast bowlers who made waves in international cricket with his record-breaking performances. He was born in Rawalpindi on 13th August 1975 and rose to fame after playing for various teams such as the national team, county sides, the Indian Premier League (IPL) and many more. Throughout his career, he became known for breaking records such as being the first bowler to break the 100mph barrier, taking the fastest 50 wickets in test matches and becoming the only bowler to take six wickets in an innings five times in Tests.

The Love Story Behind Shoaib Akhtar And Rubab’s Marriage

Shoaib Akhtar met Rubab Khan at a mutual friend’s house in 2007. They got married in 2014 but had been together since 2008 when Rubab moved to London from Pakistan to pursue her education. At the time, Shoaib was living in Dubai which meant that their courtship was conducted entirely through phone calls and text messages over a period of six years. During this time, their bond grew stronger until finally deciding to get married in 2014.

Their Pre-Marriage Challenges

Though Shoaib and Rubab had known each other for six years before tying the knot, there were still certain obstacles they needed to overcome. Firstly, both of them were older than the marriageable age according to Pakistani laws which meant that if they wanted to get legally wed in their home country, then they would have to face certain legal problems due to their age difference. Secondly, Rubab had converted to Islam prior to their marriage and because of her conversion, she was also facing opposition from her family. Despite these issues, they managed to get married in a civil ceremony outside of Pakistan.

Rubab’s Role In Supporting Shoaib Akhtar’s Career

Rubab has always been supportive of Shoaib’s career and has helped him stay focused during difficult times. She encouraged him to never give up on his dreams and provided unwavering emotional support throughout his entire journey. After getting married, she also traveled with him around the world for different tournaments and cheered him on every step of the way. Through her encouragement, Shoaib was able to make a successful comeback into cricket after serving a ban due to alleged doping allegations.

Shoaib Akhtar Wife

How They Made Their Relationship Work

In order to maintain their strong connection despite long distance separations, Shoaib and Rubab relied heavily on communication. Even though they lived in different countries, they kept in touch via text messages and Skype calls which allowed them to stay connected no matter what. Furthermore, when possible, they would meet up whenever either of them had free time or breaks from their respective schedules. As a result, even though they faced several struggles along the way, their relationship flourished due to their dedication and hard work.

Interesting Facts About Shoaib Akhtar And Rubab’s Relationship

Shoaib and Rubab are very much in love with each other and enjoy spending quality time together. Whenever Shoaib is not travelling for matches, he loves spending his days cooking meals for his wife while also giving her surprise gifts on special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays. One of the sweetest gestures ever seen from Shoaib was when he threw a surprise party for Rubab on Valentine’s Day where he presented her with a diamond ring – something she has cherished till date!

Happiness Of Togetherness During Difficult Times

During difficult times such as illness or injury, Shoaib and Rubab have stood by each other and supported each other unconditionally. During those periods, Rubab did everything she could to ensure that her husband recovered quickly and stayed healthy. This includes providing emotional support and constantly motivating him to keep pushing forward no matter what life throws at them. As a result, their bond strengthened further as they leaned on each other during difficult times.

Final Words On Shoaib Akhtar And His Partner’s Successful Bond

It goes without saying that Shoaib Akhtar and Rubab Khan’s relationship is truly remarkable and inspirational. Overcoming all the obstacles that came their way, this couple has proven that true love does exist despite differences in backgrounds or lifestyles. Through their incredible display of affection towards each other, Shoaib and Rubab have shown us that with enough dedication and determination, anything can be achieved!

FAQs Related To Shoaib Akhtar Wife

Q1: When did Shoaib Akhtar marry?
A1: Shoaib Akhtar married Rubab Khan in 2014 after dating for 6 years.
Q2: What difficulties did they face prior to marriage?
A2: Some of the main difficulties they faced prior to marriage included the fact that both parties were older than the legal age of marriage in Pakistan, plus Rubab had recently converted to Islam which caused her family members to oppose their union.
Q3: What role did Rubab play in supporting Shoaib’s career?
A3: Rubab played an important role in encouraging her husband during difficult times and providing emotional support throughout his entire career. She travelled with him across the world for various tournaments and even accompanied him during matches.


Shoaib Akhtar and Rubab Khan’s relationship is definitely worth celebrating as it is proof that love exists beyond any obstacle or boundary. The two overcame numerous pre-marriage challenges before eventually getting married in 2014 and remain happily together ever since. From cheering each other on during successes to lending each other strength during tough times, this couple serves as a great example of unconditional love and commitment that stands the test of time!

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