Steve Bannon Net Worth: What You Need to Know

Steve Bannon is a political strategist, media mogul, and former White House Chief Strategist who has an estimated net worth of $20 million. Since leaving the White House in August 2017, Bannon has become involved in several high-profile projects that have helped him increase his wealth. In this article, we will discuss where his wealth comes from and analyze his career highlights to see how he amassed such a substantial fortune.

Where Does Steve Bannon Get His Wealth From?

Bannon earned much of his wealth through his position as executive chairman of Breitbart News, a far-right news website founded by Andrew Breitbart in 2007. He joined the outlet in 2012 and was largely responsible for its rapid growth and success. During his tenure at the company, Bannon reportedly earned between $200k and $2 million annually.

Bannon also made money through his various political endeavors. Prior to joining the Trump campaign, he worked with then-presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s campaign and Sarah Palin’s PAC. He served as the CEO of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and went on to serve as President Trump’s chief strategist during his first seven months in office. It is not clear what salary he received while working in these positions but it likely added significantly to his net worth.

Bannon’s Media Projects That Contributed to His Net Worth

In addition to earning income through Breitbart News and politics, Bannon also made money through various media projects. In 2008, he formed a partnership with radio host Laura Ingraham called “The Victory Sessions” which focused on conservative views on economics and culture. The show ran until 2013 and earned him a significant amount of income over those five years.

He also co-produced two movies, Torchbearer (2016) and Fire from the Heartland: The Awakening of the Conservative Woman (2010). While neither film was particularly successful financially, they did contribute modestly to Bannon’s overall net worth. Additionally, he has written numerous books about conservatism and U.S. politics, all of which have been moderately successful both commercially and critically.

Steve Bannon Net Worth

Other Sources of Income for Bannon

Bannon has a number of other sources of income outside of politics and media projects. For example, he owns a stake in Cambridge Analytica, a now-defunct data analytics firm that was employed by several high-profile Republican campaigns, including Donald Trump’s. The size of Bannon’s stake is unknown but it certainly contributed to his overall wealth. Additionally, he receives royalties from his books and speaking fees when giving public speeches or lectures.

Bannon’s Estimated Earnings Over Time

It is difficult to determine exactly how much money Bannon earns each year due to his wide range of interests and investments. However, it is safe to assume that he has earned more than $20 million since entering politics in 2011. According to reports, he made around $2 million in 2015 alone, so it is likely that he has accumulated a sizable fortune since then.

Bannon Compared to Other Famous Politicians’ Wealth

When compared to other famous politicians, Bannon’s wealth pales in comparison. Former president Barack Obama had a net worth of around $40 million prior to taking office in 2009 and current president Donald Trump is said to be worth billions. Even Bernie Sanders, who is known for being one of the poorest senators in Congress, had an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2019.

Projected Future Earnings for Bannon

It is difficult to predict how much money Bannon will make in the future. However, considering his past successes and current projects, it is likely that he will continue to accumulate wealth over time.

Conclusion on Steve Bannon’s Net Worth

Overall, Steve Bannon has an impressive estimated net worth of $20 million dollars. This fortune has been accumulated through a variety of sources including political consulting, media projects, writing books, owning stakes in companies, and more. When compared to other well-known politicians, Bannon’s wealth may pale in comparison but it is still quite impressive given his relatively short time in politics. As long as Bannon continues to pursue his many different ventures, it is likely that he will continue to accumulate even more wealth in the coming years.

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