Steven Seagal Net Worth: How Rich is the Actor and Martial Artist?

The world-renowned action star, Steven Seagal has had a very impressive career in movies, martial arts, teaching, and business ventures. He has built a large net worth of over $18 million through his many years of hard work and dedication to the craft. With films like Above the Law, Under Siege, Hard to Kill, and Out for Justice, he became one of Hollywood’s most popular action stars. In this article we’ll take a look at Steven Seagal’s net worth, earnings, investments, assets, businesses, and other sources of income.

Introduction to Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal was born on April 10th 1952 in Lansing Michigan. Growing up he took an interest in martial arts which lead him to study Aikido in Japan from 1971 until 1973 when he returned to America with the rank of 7th dan black belt. After arriving back in the US he began training law enforcement officers in martial arts tactics and eventually opened two dojos in Los Angeles and Phoenix.

Steven Seagal’s Acting Career

Seagal started out as an extra in a handful of films before making his big break in 1988’s Above the Law. The movie was a commercial success, grossing more than $24 million in domestic box office sales and it propelled Seagal into stardom. From then on he went on to appear in numerous action films throughout the 1990s such as Under Siege (1992), Hard to Kill (1990), and Out For Justice (1991).

He also made his directorial debut with On Deadly Ground (1994) where he played the main role. Over the course of his career, he has acted in more than 50 films earning millions in box office sales worldwide. His last major film was Attack Force (2006) after which he shifted his focus towards television shows and direct-to-video releases.

Martial Arts Training & Teaching Career

Apart from acting, Steven Seagal also holds instructor certificates in multiple martial art styles including Aikido, Karate, Judo, Kendo, Ninpo, and Jiu-Jitsu. As mentioned earlier he also trained members of law enforcement agencies in martial arts tactics. Alongside this, he even established his own dojo chain called “Aikido Centres” in various parts of the US.

Business Ventures

Along with his martial arts school franchise, Steven Seagal has invested in various businesses ranging from real estate development to energy drinks. He also owns a production company called ‘Steamroller Productions’ which is based in Santa Monica California. Additionally, he runs another venture under the name ‘Fitsime’ that focuses on developing nutritional products and supplements for athletes.

Net Worth & Earnings Summary

Through all of his endeavors, Steven Seagal has accumulated an estimated net worth of around $18 million as of 2021. Most of his wealth can be attributed to his long list of successful movies along with income from his martial arts schools, endorsements deals, business ventures, and charity work.

Assets & Investments

While exact figures are not known, it is believed that Steven Seagal’s primary asset is his home located in Westlake Village California. Other investments include various properties across America along with shares and bonds held by him or managed by professionals.

Endorsement Deals & Charity Work

Throughout his career, Steven Seagal has partnered with several companies for endorsement deals such as Trident Gum and MuscleTech Nutrition Products. Aside from that, he is actively involved in charity work related to animal rights and children’s causes.

Steven Seagal Net Worth

Tax Liabilities & Real Estate Holdings

Given his substantial net worth and various sources of income, Steven Seagal is liable for paying taxes according to federal laws and regulations. Moreover, since he lives in California – one of the highest taxed states – he might have to pay even higher rates. In terms of real estate holdings, apart from his house in Westlake village, there is no concrete information available about any other property owned by him.

Final Thoughts on Steven Seagal’s Net Worth

Overall, Steven Seagal has been able to build up a huge net worth due to his exceptional acting skills, knowledge of martial arts, business acumen, and savvy investments. Even though he has mostly retired from mainstream acting now but still manages to stay busy with his numerous business projects and charity initiatives.


In conclusion, Steven Seagal has worked hard to become one of the most famous actors and martial artists of our time and amassed an impressive net worth of over $18 million along the way. Through his vast array of activities and investments ranging from real estate holdings to business ventures, he continues to make sure that his legacy will live on for years to come.

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