Yo Gotti Net Worth: How Much Is the Rapper Worth?

Yo Gotti is one of the most popular rappers in the world. He’s been producing hit songs for more than two decades and has earned a reputation as one of hip hop’s most talented lyricists. But just how much money has he made throughout his career? How much does Yo Gotti have in net worth? In this post, we will discuss Yo Gotti’s total earnings from album sales, real estate investments, endorsements, and other sources to provide an estimated net worth of the Memphis rapper in 2021.

Introduction to Yo Gotti’s Career

Yo Gotti was born Mario Mims on May 19th, 1981, in Memphis, Tennessee. His mother gave him the nickname “Gotti” at an early age, which stuck with him over the years. He released his first official studio album Life in 2003 but gained major recognition with the release of his third studio album Live From The Kitchen in 2012. Since then, he has released seven studio albums and numerous mixtapes that were highly successful both commercially and critically.

He is currently signed to Epic Records since 2016 and serves as CEO of CMG (Collective Music Group). Along with his music career, Yo Gotti also runs a record label called Collective Music Group (CMG) alongside corporate partner Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. He frequently collaborates with top hip hop artists such as Cardi B, Drake, Juicy J, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifa.

Overview of Yo Gotti’s Earnings & Album Sales

It is estimated that Yo Gotti has sold over 10 million records worldwide. With seven solo studio albums under his belt including “I Am” (2013), “The Art Of Hustle” (2016), “Untrapped” (2020) etc., he has amassed several millions in album sales alone. His song “Rake It Up” featuring Nicki Minaj became a platinum certified single while his hit singles like “Down in the DM” (2015) and “Act Right” (2013) went gold. Moreover, he won awards such as BET Hip Hop Award for Best Collabo, Duo or Group and MTV Video Music Award for Best Direction among many others.

Other Sources of Yo Gotti’s Income

Apart from selling records, Yo Gotti earns additional income through tours, live performances and appearances at festivals across the country. Additionally, he has endorsement deals with major brands like Reebok and Relay Foods. He launched his own clothing line ‘LaFlare1017’ back in 2017, which contributes significantly to his overall income.

yo gotti net worth

Grammy Awards Won by Yo Gotti

To date, Yo Gotti has won three Grammy Awards – Best Rap/Sung Performance and Best Rap Song for his collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion titled “Ride Wit Me” (2021) as well as Best R&B Album for Jazmine Sullivan’s Reality Show (2016). This feat is quite impressive considering there are only handful of hip hop acts who can boast about winning multiple Grammys in their careers.

Real Estate & Other Investments Made By Yo Gotti

In addition to generating revenue through music, Yo Gotti also owns multiple real estate properties in his native Memphis area. He recently invested in cryptocurrency as well as stocks and bonds to diversify his portfolio further.

Estimated Net Worth of Yo Gotti in 2021

Based on our research and analysis, it is believed that Yo Gotti’s current net worth stands at $9 million USD as of 2021. This figure includes all his musical endeavors, business ventures and investments into real estate, stocks and cryptocurrency.

Comparison to Similar Hip Hop Artists

When compared to other hip hop artists of similar stature such as Lil Wayne ($150 million USD) and 50 Cent ($30 million USD), Yo Gotti’s net worth pales in comparison. However, given the success of his latest projects as well as future plans for expansion into new businesses, his wealth is expected to grow exponentially within the next few years.

Charitable Contributions Made By Yo Gotti

Besides making music and business investments, Yo Gotti has also dedicated time and resources towards various charitable causes over the years. In 2020, he partnered up with non-profit organization Soles4Souls to launch the #GOTTIgive campaign where they distributed thousands of shoes to those affected by natural disasters across North America.

Brand Endorsements Forged By Yo Gotti

Due to his immense popularity, Yo Gotti has landed several brand endorsements over the past decade. He has collaborated with fashion labels like GUESS Jeans, Postmates and Vitamin Water amongst others to promote their products on social media platforms.

Conclusion – A Summary of Yo Gotti’s Total Earnings

At 40 years old, Yo Gotti continues to make waves in the rap game while expanding his already vast business empire. While he may not be worth nearly as much as some of his contemporaries, his estimated net worth of $9 million USD is still impressive when taking into account all of his achievements. With more upcoming releases lined up along with increased visibility due to philanthropic efforts and product endorsements, Yo Gotti should easily see a significant increase in wealth in the near future.

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